In the twenty year period before Pietro died, they worked together in what he called his “Workshop- Family”.  He handed over to Giampietro the management of the business which enabled him to continue working and creating, the two things he had always so enjoyed.

The “Bottega d’arte Rampini” is now well known in Italy and abroad, not so much for the quantity it produces but for the particularity of its products and working techniques; particularly for those custom made products made according to the requirements of a customer who desires a particular and unique object; his/her wishes can onlycome true in a small workshop of this kind.

The workshop has been  the place of meeting for various artists from different parts of the world, enchanted by the “magical” ceramic techniques, interesting experiences and the friendly welcome given by the Rampini family, whose door is always open.

  Alan Peascod, Australian artist, in Rampini's workshop

It is certainly true to say that the the artisanal workshop of the Rampini family is a small part that has contributed to maintaining the prestigious tradition of Italian ceramics.

At the present time as in the past, the collections are of a limited number.   This is firstly because the number of workers has never been more than six or seven.  Principally, however, the small production quantity is due to the desire to meet the needs of a selective clientele which can only be done in a small workshop of this kind.